7 Packing Hacks for a Beach Getaway

7 Packing Hacks for a Beach Getaway

Ingenious Items You’ll Need  

Unless you’re game to take on the “no bag challenge”, most travellers tend to “overpack” for good reasons. Choosing between packing a pair of flip-flops and sports shoes is more of a to-hike-or-not-to-hike dilemma than a to-pack-or-not-to-pack crisis when your beach getaway offers a variety of activities!

Whether you’re an overpacker or a minimalist, here are seven ingenious hacks from the WOW Team that will change how you pack your way to your next holiday!

1 – Always Bring a Scarf


Whether it’s to keep warm, to spice up an outfit or to offer sun protection, we think this is one of the handiest items we could check off our packing list!

Here’s why you should get a scarf if you don’t already have one:

  1. On a beach vacation? There’s no need to worry about a picnic mat when all you need to do is roll out your scarf.
  2. In emergency shower situations, scarves are the perfect stand-ins for towels.
  3. Scarves are incredibly helpful for female travellers in Southeast Asia. It’s the simplest way to modify a sleeveless outfit before entering a temple compound!
  4. Scarves can double up as blankets on a cold day, and a pillow when you roll it right. It’s probably the only thing you’ll need to get through an overnight travel delay in an airport or ferry terminal without a hotel transfer.
  5. It’s easy to pack, easy to wash and easy to dry!
  6. Resourceful travellers can even turn it into an emergency makeshift bag.

2 – Grab Some Binder Clips from the Office

Travellers need to adopt more binder clips. This is probably one of our favourite travel hack and here’s why


  1. Protect your shaving blade with a binder clip and you’ll never get mysterious cuts from fumbling through the toiletries again.
  2. Wrap your earphones with a binder clip and you’ll never have to untangle them again.
  3. Binder clips can keep receipts in one place for the financially sound traveller.
  4. It can double up as a money clip too!

If you ever doubted the practicality of a binder clip, here’s another fun read for the life hacker in you. You’re welcome.

3 – Recycle Old Contact Lens Cases


Did you know it’s advisable to replace your contact lens case once, at least every three months?

Here’s a list of what the WOW Team thinks you can do with them simply because they are pocket-sized!

Your old lens storage case can double up as a portable container for:

  1. Liquid cosmetic products such as foundation and concealer.
  2. Before and after-sun care products such as sunscreen and aloe vera gel.
  3. Earrings, extra earring backs and other jewellery that should stay clear of seawater.

4 – Invest in a Toiletry Bag


Well-travelled packers often invest in a waterproof toiletry bag for bathroom necessities and hardly unpack them after use. Why?

Considering the top five most important items to pack are:

  1. Travel documents and money
  2. Clothes
  3. Toiletries
  4. Gadgets
  5. Medication

A well-stocked toiletry bag is beach-ready and good-to-go. In other words, that’s 20% of your travel packing done!

The best toiletry bag comes with a hanger and  it will save you time and hassle when:

  1. Showering in public bathrooms with a long queueing time i.e. at the beach and in waterparks.
  2. Showering in small spaces with little to zero counter space to lay out your products.

In a rush? With this, you’ll be combat-ready for any bathroom war!

5 – Invest in Drawstring Fabric Bags

Fabric Bags

Image Credit: sewdiy


Drawstring fabric bags are highly adaptable and here’s why they are holiday-friendly:  

  1. It’s is a lightweight, foldable shoe bag.
  2. It’s a laundry bag and you can use it to separate fresh clothes from dirty ones!
  3. It’s a washable, sand-proof carrier for your beach essentials.

Have time for some DIY adventure? Here’s how you can make one!

6 – Invest in an Ocean Pack Dry Bag


Image Credit: jamesteo88

Need a heavy duty carrier built for the land and sea? An Ocean Pack Dry Pack is the only thing you’ll need if your goal is to get sea-riously wet while keeping your valuables absolutely dry!


  • The roll-down seal is user-friendly.
  • Pack a bit of air in it and it will have the buoyancy you need to rescue your belongings should the dry bag fall into the ocean!


  • It is not the lightest of travel bags.

7 – Remember Your Ziploc Bags


Image Credit: Elizabeth Makeup Artist


Last but not least, here’s the widely appreciated packing essential – the good old ziploc bag!

While ziploc bags are not made for heavy duty, here’s why they still come in handy:

  1. A ziploc bag is a convenient way to sand-proof belongings on the beach.
  2. While a ziploc bag is not as resistant as a waterproof case, it can still can protect phones from splashes!
  3. Leaky toiletry bottles are the worst. Separating liquid toiletries into ziploc bags before packing them into a toiletry bag can prevent an episode of “soapy luggage” tragedy.
  4. Ziploc bags can keep wet clothes and dirty clothes too!


A word of advice from the WOW Team? Don’t forget to pack your sunblock, aftersun lotion and insect repellent! Wise travellers simply pack enough and don’t look back.

Now that you’re all set for a WOW getaway, it’s time to discover what’s good to eat, stay, shop and play in Batam!

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