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Are you planning to visit Batam? Start by learning the best things about this charming island. WOW Getaways provides the information you need to ensure a memorable and enjoyable staycation or weekend getaway in Batam. There is so much to discover, so browse and learn more from our online Batam travel guide now!

Located in Indonesia’s Riau Archipelago, Batam is just a one-hour ferry ride away from Harbourfront Singapore. The island has its own set of famous tourist attractions and hidden gems—making it a perfect destination for a short getaway from city life.


WOW Getaways has prepared a list of things to do, popular events and places to visit in Batam. Whether you are looking for an ideal destination for shopping, recreation and relaxation you will find this guide extremely helpful. Click on the images below to get more information.



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Fun at sea, in the air, and on land. It’s everywhere.



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a.k.a. Lepak /ˈlɛpak/ the reason why you’re here.



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Bargains and choices, and much more.


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Relax and unwind in the many world-class hotels and resorts available. From refreshing B&Bs to impressive waterfront living - start your day right with our trusted partners making room for memorable getaways.

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Satisfy your cravings for authentic modern and exotic flavours from Asia and other continents in the world. Looking for attraction places to dine and drink in Batam? We know where to find them.

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Here are some awesome guides that we have put together on where to go and what to do in Batam.

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